Make A Game Table For Your Doll

Merry early Christmas! Today I’m going to show you how to make a game table for your dolls. It could also be used as a coffee table.

You will need:

A small coffee can

scrapbook paper that looks like wood

a small shoe box lid

Let’s get started!

ย First, you take your shoe box lid and cover it with scrapbook paper.

Doll Table 008

Now, cover your small coffee can with the same scrapbook paper.

Doll Table 016

Finally, glue your lid to the coffee can.

Doll Table 017

And that’s it!

Now your dolls have a place to play their favorite board games.

Doll Table 032



24 thoughts on “Make A Game Table For Your Doll

                  1. I dare you to comment on Grace’s Buttons Page this:
                    “Reindeer, holly, snowmen, Santa – of course Sara didn’t dare me!! *innocent smile* *puts on “spy glasses”* *inches away* Bye bye…”

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