Review: Badger Basket Doll Bunk Bed

Merry Christmas! I received a Badger Basket doll bed this morning. I thought I’d write a review on it for any of you who may be interested in purchasing this bed.

Here is the bed, completely assembled:

Doll Bed 005

This bed was a Christmas gift, so my mom assembled it. She said that it was fairly easy to assemble. She did note that at first it appeared that the base pieces were too long. She had to apply some force to get them to fit into the end pieces. Also, she said it is much easier to put together if you have a helper.

Here are some pictures.

The pink and white bedding is all one piece that looks like a pillow and blanket:

Doll Bed 015

The ladder:

Doll Bed 021

And the bed again with Mary Lynn on the top bunk:

Doll Bed 029

This bunk bed is very well made and affordable at $23.00. I would give it an A+. I recommend it to anyone looking for a cute, sturdy doll bed.

Happy Holidays!


5 thoughts on “Review: Badger Basket Doll Bunk Bed

  1. Is the password ‘coloring sheet’ ?? I had found the clue on Madison’s blog a few days ago, I just don’t remember where it is now. 😛 but since that’s clue 13, it probably leads to clue 14, on my blog, right? I just remember that the ‘s’ was the red letter in ‘sugar’. So…

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