Fun Doll Sized Finds!

Hello! I went shopping today, and I found some cute things for my dolls!

First, I found this doll sized Hello Kitty backpack at Jo Ann’s.

dollfinds 004

 This was supposed to be a tiny “person-sized” backpack, but it was perfect for my dolls!  It fits Mary Lynn perfectly.

dollfinds 012

Mary Lynn loves her new backpack!

My second find was a doll-sized garbage can! I found it at CVS.

dollfinds 024

This was in the little “dollar section”. The top really opens, and the wheels turn!

dollfinds 030

My last find was a mini doll chair from Jo Ann’s. It is actually a pincushion!

dollfinds 035

It also came with a little pillow, can you see it? It was sewn onto the chair, but I removed the thread so I can take it on and off.

dollfinds 045

My mini Madame Alexander doll, Phoebe, loves her new chair!

dollfinds 051

Mary Lynn and Phoebe say goodbye!


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