Review: Our Generation Arabian Horse

Hi! Sorry I haven’t posted in so long! My sister was given a OG horse as a gift and said I could write a review on it.

This horse was on sale for $30.00. She has an all white body and a white mane and tail. Her head has some brown around the nose, eyes and ears. She is really cute, and I think she looks like a real horse.

dollhorse 010

She came in this cute box:

dollhorse 001

The back of this box is a western scene, and the rest of the box can be used as a home for the horse. Here is the box taken apart:

dollhorse 008

It has cardboard that looks like hay in the bottom. This box is made of heavy cardboard. It has held up very well over the last week.

dollhorse 020

This is all the riding accessories that came with the horse. There is a saddle with stirrups,a fabric blanket, a fabric saddle pad, 2 straps, an adjustable bridle, and a pair of fabric reins. All of these items seem extremely well made and sturdy. The saddle is made of this soft plastic that feels like rubber. A 18″ doll can sit in it fairly easily. The bridle and straps are made of hard plastic that fits firmly on the horse.

dollhorse 005

The other accessories that come with the horse are a red ribbon, a little container labeled “Horse Treats”, a plastic brush, a rubber grooming glove, a paper bag labeled “Organic Peppermint Horse Treats”, and a mini pamphlet with pictures of the horse inside.

These accessories are just as sturdy as the riding things, and the details are super cool. The little glove really fits on the doll’s hand, and it covered in little bumps just like the real thing. The brush works fine on the mane and tail, but it’s really nothing special. The horse treats container is made of cardboard, and it has a lid that comes on and off. It’s cute, but I think I could easily make something just like it.  The other treats bag is just a simple paper bag.

This horse would make a great gift for any doll lover. She is overall well made and her accessories are cute and detailed. I would give her an B+.

dollhorse 021

My sister named her horse Ruby.  🙂  My sister’s doll, Catherine, loves to ride her new horse!

 Thanks for reading!


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