Ivy’s Trip to the Georgia Agirama

Yesterday, Ivy went with me to the Georgia Agirama. She had a great time! She wanted to tell you all about her trip.

 ivytripavadress 003

“Hiya, folks! It’s me, Ivy! Today I’m going to tell you about my trip to the Georgia Agirama!”

ivytripavadress 004

When we first got there, I saw this cool old-fashioned drugstore. We didn’t go in, but I did get to sit in this cool chair! I reminds me of something from Grace Thomas’s collection.

ivytripavadress 008

Next, we got on an old train. The view from the station was cool!

ivytripavadress 017

This looked like something from a movie.

ivytripavadress 013

I stopped for a quick rest on the porch of this old doctor’s office!

ivytripavadress 019

The last thing we did was ride the train one more time! Here I am on the station railing.

It was fun going to the Georgia Agirama! Thanks for reading!

Ivy and Clara

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