A Review & a Craft Series!

Hi, everybody! Can anyone guess who came home with me from AG Atlanta? Its……. Mini Rebecca!


Isn’t she a cutie? I have looked at the Beforever minis in the catalog, and I never really liked them. So I was surprised when I saw how pretty mini Rebecca is! Her rooted hair is super soft and I can style it easily.


Her body is all plastic, but her arms are soft and flexible. Her meet outfit is amazing quality. I love how well made and detailed it is!


I love the tiny shoes!

Overall, I would give her an A+. I recommend mini Rebecca to anyone looking for a cute, well made mini doll!

Now that I have Rebecca, I am going to be doing a craft series called “Mini Doll Fun!”

The series will start today with “How to make a bed for your Mini Doll.”

You will need:

The box your doll came in

An old pair of leggings

Scraps of fabric

Let’s get started!

First, cut one leg off of the old pair of leggings.


Next, slide your box into the piece of legging.


Now, glue the ends of the fabric down.


Add a piece of Β fabric for a blanket.


I rolled up a piece of felt for a pillow, but you can use whatever you have.


Now just add your doll’s favorite doll, and you’re done!

Enjoy! πŸ˜€


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