Review: Coconut Cutie Outfit

Hello! Today I bring you a review of the adorable “Coconut Cutie” outfit from the AG store.

Let’s start with the shirt.


This shirt is adorable! It has a picture of Coconut wearing glasses and a bow, and the words “Express Your Style.”

It has Velcro down the back. I would give the shirt an A.


This skirt is very nice quality, though I wish it was a little longer. It has an elastic waist.


A closer look at the rosettes on the skirt. I would overall give the skirt a B+.


The shoes are very pretty! They look good with almost anything.


A closer look at the straps. I love the floral print! I would give these shoes an A++! 😀


These little plastic hair bows came with the outfit as well. They’re cute, but nothing special. I would give them a B.


This is the charm that came with the outfit. It has a blue flower on it. The charm gets an A.

This outfit was overpriced at $30.00 plus tax, but it is still very nice quality. Overall, I give this outfit an A. I would recommend it to anyone! 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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