Fun with Mini Dolls Day 2: Mini Doll Piano & Bench

Welcome to day 2 of “Fun With Mini Dolls!” Today I am going to show you how to make a fun piano and bench for your mini doll.

For the piano, you will need:

A small black box

Black tape



Jumbo drinking straws

White paper

Black paper

A picture of piano keys


Let get started!

First, cut a piece of cardboard the same length as your gift box, and a width of about 2″.


Next, cover the piece of cardboard with black paper.


Now, Glue/Tape a picture of piano keys onto your cardboard.


Next, you need to cut your straw into 2 pieces 3.5 in long. Glue those to your keyboard.


Now cover the straws with black tape, and glue the back of your keyboard to the black box.


And you are finished with the piano! 😀

Now for the bench.

For the bench, you will need:

Jumbo drinking straws

A piece of cardboard 3.5″ by 2″

Black tape

Black or red fabric

Let’s make it!

First, take the piece of cardboard and cover it with your fabric.


Next, cut 4 pieces of straw that are about 2 in long. Cover those with black tape.


Now glue your straw pieces to the fabric-covered cardboard.


And you’re done! 🙂


Rebecca loves her new piano, and your mini doll will too! I hope you enjoyed!


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