Review: Bitty Baby Pretty Picnic Outfit

Hi! Today I am reviewing another outfit I bought at AG Atlanta – the Bitty Baby Pretty Picnic Outfit!

Here is the whole outfit:

bittyreview 041

Cute, isn’t it? I really like the dress.

bittyreview 046

It has this pretty embroidery on the sleeves and hem.

bittyreview 048

There is this cute print on the dress. I love it! Overall , I give this dress an A.

bittyreview 044

The hat has a pink-and-white checked print on it.

bittyreview 045

A closer look at the bow. I like this hat, but it would be frustrating for a young child because it falls off very easily. It would be nice if it had an elastic strap or something like that. Overall, I give the hat a B+.

bittyreview 054

The shoes are made of a shiny pink fabric. Each shoe has a half of an apple on it. I really like them! I give the shoes and A+.

bittyreview 060

I was surprised to find that this outfit also fits 18″ dolls! I added the pants from a different outfit.

Overall, this outfit gets an A+.

I hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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