Fun With Mini Dolls Day 5: Mini Doll Duck Tape Dress

Welcome to Day 5 of “Fun With Mini Dolls”! Today I will be showing you how to make a Duck Tape dress for your Mini Doll. This is the last day of the series, so enjoy!

You will need:


Duck Tape

Let’s start!

First, lay your doll on the paper and cut a strip the same length as you want the dress to be.

duckdressmini 007

Now cover the paper with Duck Tape.

duckdressmini 008

Cut holes for your doll’s arms, like so:

duckdressmini 009

Next wrap the excess around the back, and trim it.

duckdressmini 011

Secure the back with Duck Tape.

duckdressmini 013

Next, wrap a thin piece of Duck Tape around the waist of the dress, like so:

duckdressmini 014

And you are finished with the dress! For a finishing touch, let’s make a flower for her hair!

First, cut a small circle out of paper.

duckdressmini 015

Now fold it in half, and fold that half in half.

duckdressmini 017

Wrap Duck Tape around the base of this, and you have a flower! Put it in your mini doll’s hair for a finishing touch!

duckdressmini 020

Isn’t she pretty? I hope you enjoyed this craft! 🙂

Also, I wanted to share a no-sew dress I made for Ava using MyFroggyStuff’s tutorial!

duckdressmini 002

Ava was so cute in glasses she just had to wear them for this picture! 😉

I hope y’all enjoyed!


18 thoughts on “Fun With Mini Dolls Day 5: Mini Doll Duck Tape Dress

    1. I’m not exactly sure… but you can search ” MyFroggyStuff No – Sew doll dress”, and you should be able to find it! 🙂


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