Make a Duck Tape Dress For Your 18 Inch Doll

Hello! Today I’m going to be showing you how to make a Duck Tape dress for an 18 in doll.

You will need:

2 coordinating colors or patterns of Duck Tape

4 sheets of plain white paper ( I used construction paper, then realized it can stain your doll! :0)

Lets get started!

First, take your paper, lay it out, and cover all 4 sheets with Duck Tape, like so:

duckdress18in 001duckdress18in 004

Next, cut holes for your dolls arms and trim the dress to the desired length.

duckdress18in 010

Now, take the dress off of the doll. Cut the neck like so:

duckdress18in 012

Pu the dress back on your doll. Now wrap the two sides around the back of your doll, and trim off the excess. You can use small strips of Duck Tape down the back to close the dress.

duckdress18in 015

The sleeves look all bumpy, so let’s fix them! Use a small strip of Duck Tape on the top of each sleeve to flatten them.

duckdress18in 020

Lastly, add a strip of coordinating Duck Tape around the waist of your doll dress.

duckdress18in 026

And you’re done! 😀 I hope your dolls looks as cute as Ava does in this easy dress!


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