Make a Doll Couch

Hi! Hayley from DollDiys requested this craft, so here it is! Today I will be showing you how to make a cute couch for your dolls.

You will need:

A medium-sized box


Duck Tape

Craft Foam or stuffing(optional)

A tube from tinfoil or plastic wrap

Let’s make it!

First, take your doll and set her in your box to see how big you want the couch to be.

dollcouch 002 (800x600)

Next, mark how high you want the back and arms of the couch to be.

dollcouch 009 (800x600) dollcouch 010 (800x600)

Now, cut out your basic shape of the couch from the box. My couch had a 14″x 6″ back, a 14″ x 7.5″ seat, and 7.5″x 4″ arms.

dollcouch 011 (800x600)

If you don’t have any stuffing, then cover your couch in thick craft foam.

dollcouch 012 (800x600)

If you do have stuffing, then add fabric with stuffing under it to the back, seat, and arms of the couch. I trimmed mine in Duck Tape.

dollcouch 015 (800x600)

I covered the outside of the couch in fabric and Duck Tape, but you can use anything that you have.

dollcouch 017 (800x600)

Let’s add legs! Take a tube from tin foil or plastic wrap, and cut four pieces about 1.5″ tall. Cover them in coordinating Duck Tape.

dollcouch 018 (800x600)

Glue/tape them to the bottom of your couch.

dollcouch 019 (800x600)

And you’re done! I hope your dolls think this couch is as comfortable as my dolls do!


13 thoughts on “Make a Doll Couch

    1. Actually, my sister and I are in the middle of setting up a sort of “dollhouse”. It is basically all of our doll furniture set up into rooms. When we are done, I will be glad to show you some pics! 😀

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