Photoshoot: Ava In The Woods

Hello! It’s Ava! I am doing this post instead of Clara, because I wanted to make sure you all knew how LONG it took Clara to take these pictures, and how I, her victim, was forced to stand PERFECTLY STILL with mosquitoes buzzing around my head, while she snapped away with her camera. Anyway, I figured after all that, I should show these pictures to somebody. So here they are:

 avainwoods 003 (800x600) avainwoods 004 (800x600) (2)avainwoods 002 (800x600)avainwoods 005 (800x600)

avainwoods 009 (800x600)avainwoods 010 (800x600)

avainwoods 011 (800x600)avainwoods 012 (800x600)

avainwoods 013 (800x600)avainwoods 014 (800x600)

avainwoods 016 (800x600)avainwoods 018 (800x600)

avainwoods 019 (800x600) avainwoods 020 (800x600)

avainwoods 022 (800x600)avainwoods 023 (800x600)

avainwoods 024 (800x600)

Here is where Clara allowed me to stop for a water break:

avainwoods 025 (800x600)avainwoods 026 (800x600)avainwoods 027 (800x600)

When Clara was taking pics of me on this log, (which, if you didn’t notice, is over WATER, a doll’s worst nightmare) I was terrified! Thankfully, I survived.

 avainwoods 034 (800x600)avainwoods 035 (800x600)avainwoods 036 (800x600)avainwoods 038 (800x600)avainwoods 009 (800x600)avainwoods 039 (800x600)

avainwoods 052 (800x600)avainwoods 051 (800x600)

Those are all the pictures of me. Clara also took some pictures of things in the woods other than me, and I thought I’d share those too, since some of them are pretty cool:

avainwoods 007 (800x600)avainwoods 030 (800x600)avainwoods 029 (800x600)avainwoods 028 (800x600)avainwoods 006 (800x600)avainwoods 021 (800x600)avainwoods 015 (800x600)avainwoods 044 (800x600)

avainwoods 048 (800x600)avainwoods 049 (800x600)avainwoods 050 (800x600)

Those last pictures look like something from a fairy tale! Also, in case anyone is interested, Clara said I should tell y’all what I was wearing:

Shirt: MYAG meet shirt

Shorts: Nikki’s Tie Top and Shorts outfit

Shoes: My Life As collection from Wal-Mart

Water Bottle: Marisol’s Dance Bag set

That’s all!

Ava (assisted by Clara)

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