Valentines Day Outfits

Hi! Happy Valentines Day! I put together some Valentines Day outfits for my dolls! I thought you all might like to see them, so here they are:

v-day 001 (800x600)v-day 002 (800x600)v-day 003 (800x600)v-day 004 (800x600)

Ivy’s outfit:

Dress: Made by me

Purse: Made by me

Shoes:  American Girl True Spirit outfit

v-day 012 (800x600)v-day 013 (800x600)v-day 014 (800x600)v-day 015 (800x600)

Mary Lynn’s outfit:

Shirt: American Girl True Spirit outfit

Skirt: Unknown outfit from Our Generation

Hair clip:  American Girl Coconut Cutie outfit

Shoes: Our Generation (Mary Lynn’s meet outfit)

v-day 007 (800x600)v-day 008 (800x600)v-day 009 (800x600)v-day 011 (800x600)

Ava’s outfit:

Dress: Made by me from MyFroggyStuff tutorial

Shoes: American Girl Bitty Baby Pretty Picnic outfit

Crown:  Melissa and Doug’s Princess doll

What do you guys think? I would love your feedback!


31 thoughts on “Valentines Day Outfits

  1. They all are positively adorable! My favorite one is Ava’s, is that the same tutorial on my froggy stuff you already shared with me? I really have to start making that! You are one of my favorite blogs now, you always give me such inspiration to make things for my dolls! Make sure to keep up the fabulous work!

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              1. What do you think about the idea of me telling people to send in pictures of things they have made for their dolls to get featured on my blog? I think it is a god idea because that way girls will get inspired, like, when I see a post from you and I see things you make I get so inspired… Do you get it?

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                1. Hayley, I have a question. Would you recommend Julie? I am considering getting her sometime soon, and I wanted your opinion. Thanks! 🙂


                  1. I really like Julie, I liked her meet outfit better before be forever but I still think it is suer cute. I don’t really know what else to say about her but I think you should get a spray bottle to keep her hair glossy. I didn’t get a spray bottle until about a month after I got her and I regret not getting it sooner because, my Julie’s hair could be a lot smoother if I had used a spray bottle on her hair right after I got her. I think she is really cute and worth the money, and I like her books.

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        1. That’s understandable! If you want, you could put together some red and pink outfits for your dolls from things you already have!


  2. WOW!!! Ivy and Ava’s outfits are amazing, I can’t believe you made those dresses!!! Perfect for valentines day 🙂 could you please give me the link to the myfroggystuff tutorial you followed for ava’s dress?

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