Meet the Only Hearts Club Girls!

Hi! Yesterday, I went to a consignment sale. I was hoping to find some AG things but  didn’t. 😦  We got there pretty late after a lot of the toys had already been gone through. They had a little rack with some old – fashioned dresses marked “18-inch doll clothes.” They were $8 for one, which I thought was too expensive. I did, however, get something else! Meet the Only Hearts Club girls!

OHCgirls 024 (800x600)

These dolls are 9.5″ tall. I got 5 of them in a bag for $10. After some research, I found out that they were from a line called Only Hearts Club that was discontinued in 2011.

They have soft cloth bodies, vinyl heads and hands, and very high quality rooted hair.

Their bodies are soft, but there is wire inside of their arms, legs, and necks. This makes them extremely poseable. I was first drawn to them because of their unique faces and bodies. I’ve never liked Barbie – style dolls, but these girls are different. I really like them! I got 4 blondes and a brunette.

 Here are close – ups of each of them:

OHCgirls 025 (800x600)

Doll #1

OHCgirls 026 (800x600)

Doll #2

OHCgirls 027 (800x600)

Doll #3

OHCgirls 029 (800x600)

Doll #4

OHCgirls 030 (800x600)

Doll #5

Most of them are wearing clothes I made.

I took a quick photo – shoot with doll #1, so here it is:

OHCgirls 008 (800x600)OHCgirls 013 (800x600)OHCgirls 015 (800x600)OHCgirls 016 (800x600)OHCgirls 018 (800x600)OHCgirls 022 (800x600)

This is by far my favorite of the dolls I got!

I haven’t named any of them yet because y’all are going to name them!

Just comment below what you think I should name dolls #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Then, I will choose my favorite name for each doll. 😀

What do you all think? I really like these girls!


15 thoughts on “Meet the Only Hearts Club Girls!

  1. I love the only hearts girls! Did you know that they already come with names? I have Anna Sophia and Brianna Joy. Of course you can change the names they come with but I thought you’d like to know. A Doll’s Picnic has a great review on all the only hearts club girls. That’s how I found out about them.

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  2. Cool dolls 🙂 I love the pictures you took, and I love how posable they are! here are some names:
    1) Lisa St. Marie, georgia, lainey, Naomi, Gretel
    2) Briar, Leona, Madison, Marianna
    3) Ellen, Hartley, Fanisha, Andromeda, Danae, Diana
    4) (this one is my favorite doll that you got) Adelphe, Aphia, Calisto, Gaia, Isis
    5) Leda, Annabeth, Bri, Benson, Molly, Hazel

    I know its a lot of names, and most of them are unusual, but I hope you liked some of them 🙂

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