Make A Doll Treat Stand

Hello, everybody! Today I am going to show you all how to make a Grace – inspired Treat Stand for your doll!

You will need:

An empty fruit cup

A lid to a container of Play – Do

A Mason Jar lid

A lid to a paint can

A milkshake straw

A marker lid

Blue paper

Let’s get started!

First, take your Mason Jar lid and trace it onto your blue paper.

cakestand 001 (800x600)

Cut out two of these and glue them onto both sides of the lid.

cakestand 003 (800x600)

I laminated mine with packing tape, but that is optional.

Now, take a marker lid. Mine was already blue, but if yours isn’t you may need to cover it in blue paper.

cakestand 008 (800x600)

Glue your jar lid on top of the marker lid.

cakestand 009 (800x600)

Now glue the lid to a paint jar to the other end of the marker lid.

cakestand 010 (800x600)

Now take a piece of a blue milkshake straw. Glue it to the underside of a blue Play – Do lid.

cakestand 012 (800x600)

Trim the straw until it is just under 1/2″ long.

cakestand 016 (800x600)

Now glue your Play – Do lid with the straw under it to the jar lid.

cakestand 017 (800x600)

Set your empty fruit cup on top, and you’re done! Enjoy!


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