Make Grace’s Bistro Set For A Mini Doll

Hi! I haven’t done any craft posts in a while. Today I will show you how to make Grace’s Bistro Set for a mini doll!

You will need:

A large bottle cap (I used one from a jar of applesauce)

A lid to a Mason Jar

A piece of tile scrapbook paper

A piece of blue paper

Red wire (I wire from a red hanger)

2 black marker caps

4 red marker caps

1 blue bottle cap

Let’s make it!

First, take your large bottle cap and trace it onto your scrapbook paper.

Gracetablemini 001 (800x600)

Cut out your circle  and glue it to the top of the cap.

Gracetablemini 005 (800x600)Gracetablemini 006 (800x600)

Now cut a long strip of paper about 1″ wide.

Gracetablemini 007 (800x600)

Glue it around the edge of your cap and trim off the excess.

Gracetablemini 008 (800x600)

Trace your cap onto scrapbook paper again, but this time make your circle slightly larger. Glue it to your cap.

Gracetablemini 009 (800x600)

Now take your 2 black bottle caps and glue them together.

Gracetablemini 012 (800x600)Gracetablemini 013 (800x600)

Glue that to the underside of your cap.

Gracetablemini 014 (800x600)

Now you have a table! Let’s make a chair to go with it.

First, trace your Mason Jar lid on the blue paper.

Gracetablemini 016 (800x600)

Cut out your circle and glue it to your lid. Trim off the excess.

Gracetablemini 018 (800x600)

Gracetablemini 019 (800x600)

Now take a piece of red wire and bend it until you have an arch about 3″ tall.

Gracetablemini 020 (800x600)

Glue it to the back of your lid.

Gracetablemini 021 (800x600)Gracetablemini 022 (800x600)

Take your 4 red marker caps and glue them to the bottom of the chair. I added a strip of blue paper around the edge of the seat. I also put a tiny red dot in the center of the seat.

Now you’ve got a chair!

To make the chalkboard, all I did was cut out a rectangle of paper and glue it to a blue bottle cap.

Gracetablemini 024 (800x600)

I decorated the chalkboard with a marker.

That’s it!

Gracetablemini 029 (800x600)Gracetablemini 027 (800x600)

Isn’t Rebecca cute in her Grace outfit I made her?

Also, today is the last day to enter my giveaway! You can see it here:

Good luck to all who have entered!



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