How I Got My Dolls

Hi! Today I thought it would be fun to give y’all the backstory on how I got each of my dolls. So, here goes!

1. Sally

dollphotoshoot 068

I was 8 when I got Sally. We were in Walmart and I fell in love with her. She was really cute! I pretty much ruined her hair, though, so I always keep it in a bun.

2. Betsy

bittyreview 041

When I was 9, I was given an AG catalog by a friend. I loved all of the dolls! I especially liked Caroline, Josefina, and the Bitty Babies. The next day, we were in a thrift store and I found Betsy for $3! I was so excited!

3.Β Mary Lynn

dollfinds 012MLshoot+case 051 (800x600)

(Here are “Before” and “After” pictures.)

Β A while later for my birthday,Β I got Mary Lynn. She is an Our Generation doll. I really liked her because in her story she plays the violin and piano just like me! I later rewigged her because her hair was a nightmare. She is so pretty!

4. Ava

dollphotoshoot 092

A while later, I decided to save up for an 18″ AG doll. I couldn’t decide between Caroline and MYAG #55. I finally decided on #55, and I am so happy I did! She is a beautiful doll and I love her a lot.

5. Emily

dollphotoshoot 074

My sister had Emily and decided she didn’t want her. I rescued her from being sent to Goodwill. πŸ˜‰ She makes a perfect sister for Sally and is so cute!

6. Ivy

dollphotoshoot 019

Last year a few months before my birthday, one of my mom’s old friends emailed her saying that she had a daughter who didn’t play with dolls anymore. She was wondering if she could send us some of her daughter’s old AG things (I had no idea about this). It turned out she sent us Ivy, Jess, and about 50 AG outfits! :O My family kept it a secret and gave me Ivy for my birthday! My sisters got Jess and we all share the outfits. I am so glad to have Ivy!

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading about my dolls!


29 thoughts on “How I Got My Dolls

      1. I got my Bitty Baby Ciara, with 2 chairs and 2 Bitty Books for $4. Before I got her, I had my Bitty Twin, the African American girl, Janita at a Goodwill for $6. Janita went to live with my friend Janita, who she was named after.


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