Lalaloopsy Photoshoot

Hello, everybody! Today I thought I’d do something different and do a photoshoot with one of my teeny – tiny dolls.

Meet my mini Lalaloopsy doll, Spot Splatter Splash!

Lalaloopsy 001 (800x600)

I found her brand new at a consignment sale for $2.00.

Here is the photoshoot:

Lalaloopsy 006 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 007 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 011 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 012 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 018 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 030 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 008 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 010 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 016 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 017 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 023 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 028 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 035 (800x600)Lalaloopsy 040 (800x600)

She is such a photogenic little doll. I recommend these dolls, they are so cute and well made!

I hope you enjoyed! Have a great evening!


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