Mary Lynn’s Trip & A Party!

Hi! Me, my sisters, and one of my friends had a doll party! Here are some pics:

ML+party 136 (800x600)

ML and Emily.

ML+party 137 (800x600)

The birthday girl, my sister’s doll Sadie. She is a MYAG doll.

ML+party 139 (800x600)

From left to right: My sister’s doll Audrey-Ann, an OG doll, and my friend’s doll Skye, a MYAG.

ML+party 142 (800x600)

Yum, party treats! Ava is in the pink dress, and in the oversized party hat is my sister’s doll Jess.

ML+party 143 (800x600)

A close-up of the food. We got the cups at Walmart, the plates are Mason Jar lids, the green beans are strips of green craft foam, the potato chips are yellow tissue paper cut into ovals, the 2 mini ice creams were found at Publix, the ham is pink cardstock, the onions are paper circles, the cheese is yellow craft foam, the cake is made from 2 sponges and puffy paint, and the candies are cake decor.

ML+party 144 (800x600)

The dolls are dancing! You can see my sister’s OG doll Catherine, Ivy, and my littlest sister’s doll Celeste from Melissa and Doug.

ML+party 145 (800x600)

A close up of the “radio” which is actually a wireless speaker connected to an iPad.

ML+party 146 (800x600)

The party favors were bubbles and pinwheels.

ML+party 149 (800x600)

Here are all the dolls that are relaxing.

ML+party 150 (800x600)

One whole half of the party,

ML+party 151 (800x600)

And the other half.

What do y’all think of the party?

Have a great evening!


22 thoughts on “Mary Lynn’s Trip & A Party!

  1. Wow, Mary Lynn looked like she enjoyed herself!
    I used to have two OG dolls, Sandie and Jenny. I don’t have either of them anymore, sadly. But Mary Lynn is really cute! 🙂
    BTW, Clara, thanks for following my blog! Just got the notification now. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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