Photoshoot With Ivy

Hello, everybody! Have you done anything for April Fool’s Day today? I drew mustaches on my younger siblings while they were asleep. XD

I did a photoshoot with Ivy today. She is wearing AG Emily’s meet dress and OG shoes.

ivyshoot 001 (800x600)ivyshoot 002 (800x600)\

ivyshoot 004 (800x600)ivyshoot 005 (800x600)ivyshoot 006 (800x600)ivyshoot 008 (800x600)

ivyshoot 010 (800x600)ivyshoot 012 (800x600)

ivyshoot 015 (800x600)ivyshoot 016 (800x600)

ivyshoot 017 (800x600)ivyshoot 018 (800x600)ivyshoot 019 (800x600)ivyshoot 020 (800x600)ivyshoot 021 (800x600)ivyshoot 022 (800x600)

ivyshoot 023 (800x600)ivyshoot 024 (800x600)ivyshoot 026 (800x600)ivyshoot 027 (800x600)ivyshoot 029 (800x600)ivyshoot 030 (800x600)ivyshoot 032 (800x600)ivyshoot 034 (800x600)ivyshoot 035 (800x600)ivyshoot 001 (800x600)ivyshoot 002 (800x600)ivyshoot 005 (800x600)

Ivy is so cute. 😉 What was your favorite picture?


24 thoughts on “Photoshoot With Ivy

        1. 😀 Yes he is! We found him as a tiny kitten in our yard. We named him Grover. 🙂 He is so sweet!


      1. Yes!!! She is really cool! I hit the jackpot on dolls because my older cousins had a collection of 13 dolls and lots of clothes! Before that I had the Kit doll and my sister had the Molly doll.

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