Doll Sized Finds

Hi! Today I will be sharing with you some doll sized finds.

1: Dictionary

Doll finds 001 (800x600)Doll finds 003 (800x600)Doll finds 004 (800x600)

This is a mini dictionary that was $6.00 on Amazon. It is the perfect size for my dolls!

2: Tea Set

Doll finds 005 (800x600)Doll finds 013 (800x600)Doll finds 010 (800x600)

This mini tea set was only $1.00 at the Dollar Tree! It has 4 cups, 4 plates, 4 spoons, and a teapot with a removable lid. Β All the pieces have a cute flower detail.

3: Laundry Basket

Doll finds 017 (800x600)Doll finds 021 (800x600)

This was $2.00 at CVS. The dolls can hold it and it is really cute!

4: Cups

Doll finds 023 (800x600)Doll finds 027 (800x600)

These mini cups were $2.00 at Walmart. They don’t fit in the doll’s hands very well, though, so you may need to use a rubber band to help them hold the cups.

5: Mini Doll Purses

Doll finds 030 (800x600)

These adorable purses are actually erasers from Target. They came in a pack with 2 other erasers. The whole pack was $1.00.

6: Football

Doll finds 034 (800x600)Doll finds 036 (800x600)

This football is actually an Easter egg! It is really cute and just the right size! πŸ™‚

7: Bubbles

Doll finds 041 (800x600)Doll finds 042 (800x600)

These are mini bubbles from the Dollar Tree. They are perfect for my dolls!

I hope you enjoyed these finds! ML and Ava say goodbye!

Doll finds 045 (800x600)


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