My Sister’s New Doll

Hello! It’s time to find out if any of you guessed which doll my sister got! She also did a photoshoot with the new doll. 😀

Here are the guesses:

Sunny315 – Grace or Samantha

Lainey@HeartofDixieDolls – Grace

GraceandCindyandRosy – Grace or Julie

Bella – MYAG or Saige

Jen@Dolls Between Us – Kirsten or Caroline

Nikki – A historical or GOTY

DollDiys – Grace or Julie


Let’s find out who guessed correctly…..nobody! This is a hard one to guess. 😉

So, the new doll is………………………..


Lissie 050 (800x600)

Meet Felicity Merriman, the newest member of my sister’s doll family! 😀 My sister bought her from Ebay along with some AG books. She is a Pleasant Company doll in great condition. She is so pretty!! My sister did a photoshoot with her:

Lissie 046 (800x600)

 Lissie 051 (800x600)

Lissie 052 (800x600)

Lissie 055 (800x600)

Lissie 059 (800x600)

Lissie 057 (600x800)

Now for the modern pictures:

Lissie 032 (800x600)

Lissie 041 (800x600)

Lissie 036 (800x600)

Lissie 034 (800x600)

Lissie 037 (800x600)

Lissie 042 (600x800)

What a cute doll! 🙂

“See” you soon!


28 thoughts on “My Sister’s New Doll

          1. Yeah, I know! I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that! And even if I mess up, it doesn’t really matter because all she’s doing now is sitting in a box in the attic! But, I don’t think it’s too easy to mess up on tightening a dolls head :p.

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  1. I love Felicity! She’s so pretty. 🙂 When I got her, she had her new meet dress, but my mom gave me the old one later. And just wondering, does she have three little curls on each side of her head? I assume she does, but mine doesn’t.


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    1. Lissie is cute in glasses! Your giveaway looks great! I won’t be able to enter, but if you like I can do a post about it on my blog!


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