Review: Hearts For Hearts Girl Surjan

Hi! I did Surjan’s review today. Here is the review:

Surjan 029 (800x600)

This is Surjan, a Hearts for Hearts doll. H4H dolls represent girls from all over the world. Surjan is a girl from Nepal. She is about 14″ tall.and was $25.00 at Target. Let’s start the review with her packaging.

Surjanreview 115 (800x600)

Here is the box she came in. She was fairly easy to get out of her packaging. The only thing I would say is her hair was sewn onto a piece of clear plastic, and I almost cut her hair trying to get it out!

Here are some of the details of the box:

Surjanreview 116 (800x600)

The H4H logo.

The back of the box:

Surjanreview 117 (800x600)Surjanreview 118 (800x600)

Surjanreview 122 (800x600)Surjanreview 131 (800x600)

The other H4H dolls.

Surjanreview 123 (800x600)Surjanreview 125 (800x600)Surjanreview 126 (800x600)Surjanreview 127 (800x600)Surjanreview 128 (800x600)

Her packaging is very sturdy and has a fun design.

Next let’s look at what she came with:

Surjanreview 064 (800x600)Surjanreview 066 (800x600)

Here is Surjan’s bracelet. It is plastic and very small. It fits her very well.

Surjanreview 067 (800x600)

Her dress is made of a flower-print fabric. Here are the details:

Surjanreview 068 (800x600)Surjanreview 069 (800x600)Surjanreview 070 (800x600)Surjanreview 071 (800x600)

It opens and closes with Velcro in the back.

Surjanreview 072 (800x600)

Here is her necklace! It is plastic and molded to fit the shape of her neck. It opens and closes easily.

Surjanreview 077 (800x600)

She came with a little booklet too. Here are some of the inside pages:

Surjanreview 079 (800x600)Surjanreview 080 (800x600)Surjanreview 081 (800x600)

There was also a “girl-sized” friendship bracelet.

Surjanreview 082 (800x600)Surjanreview 083 (800x600)Surjanreview 086 (800x600)

Now, let’s take a look at Surjan herself!

Surjanreview 087 (800x600)

Surjan is detailed doll that looks like a real little girl.

Surjanreview 088 (800x600)Surjanreview 089 (800x600)

Her hands and feet.

Surjanreview 090 (800x600)Surjanreview 091 (800x600)

Here eyes are inset. The are gorgeous! She has painted on eyebrows and eyelashes.

Surjanreview 093 (800x600)Surjanreview 094 (800x600)

She has plastic gold hoop earrings, which are not removable.

Surjanreview 096 (800x600)

She also has a nose ring.

Surjanreview 097 (800x600)

Her head can move up,

Surjanreview 098 (800x600)


Surjanreview 099 (800x600)Surjanreview 100 (800x600)

and side to side.

Surjanreview 101 (800x600)

Her arms can move away from her body as well as around in a circle. Her articulation is all around very similar to a Barbie doll’s.

Her whole body is made of soft plastic, and she has white underwear.

Surjanreview 113 (800x600)Surjanreview 114 (800x600)Surjanreview 104 (800x600)

One thing I was surprised about was how soft her limbs and head are. I was able to squish her head easily.

Surjanreview 105 (800x600)

Her hair is rooted and very soft.

Surjanreview 108 (800x600)Surjanreview 109 (800x600)Surjanreview 110 (800x600)

Overall, I think Surjan was a great deal and a very nice doll! She makes a great little sister to my 18″ dolls and I am very glad to have her.

Here is how I rate Surjan and her accessories:

Doll: A

Clothes: A

Jewelry: B+

Packaging: B+

I hope you enjoyed this review! Come back for more soon!


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