A Little House

Hello, amazing people! Last weekend I made a little dollhouse in a box, using MyFroggyStuff’s tutorial for a “hidden dollhouse.”  It is great for mini Lalaloopsy dolls, LPS, and Blythe dolls. I took some pictures of it to show you all:

dollhouse 003 (800x600)

Here is the whole thing. You can get boxes like this one at a craft store.

dollhouse 010 (800x600)

Here is the whole bathroom.

dollhouse 011 (800x600)

In here, a monkey is flossing his teeth! 😉

dollhouse 014 (800x600)

There is a Lalaloopsy Tiny doll in the bathtub.

dollhouse 015 (800x600)

I made the sink out of beads and a bottle cap.

dollhouse 016 (800x600)

Now here is the living room!

dollhouse 017 (800x600)dollhouse 018 (800x600)

My Blythe doll Poppy and a mouse are watching a movie. Her chair is made from marker caps.

dollhouse 019 (800x600)

My possum LPS, Bob, just came in from a walk.

dollhouse 020 (800x600)

This is the kitchen.

dollhouse 021 (800x600)

My little sister Lalaloopsy doll, Little Peanut Big Top, is trying to drink from this oversized bottle.

dollhouse 022 (800x600)

Dorothy is trying to not trip over the puppy running around her feet.

dollhouse 023 (800x600)

A monkey is standing on his head on the table.

dollhouse 024 (800x600)

And Miss Frazzle the bird is eating a Popsicle.

dollhouse 025 (800x600)

Here is the bedroom.

dollhouse 027 (800x600)

In this corner, there is a dresser with a little bench. It has a monkey and a bag on it.

dollhouse 028 (800x600)

A close-up of the dresser.

dollhouse 031 (800x600)

My Lalaloopsy doll Spot Splatter Splash’s art supplies are next to the dresser.

dollhouse 032 (800x600)dollhouse 033 (800x600)

Peanut Big Top and Spot Splatter Splash are sitting on the bed playing with their pets, an elephant and a zebra.

dollhouse 034 (800x600)

And here is one more shot of the whole thing.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed! I will try to do another review tomorrow. 🙂


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