The Blogger Recognition Award

Hello! Sunny from Everything Fun Under The Sun and 2022blackersstudentwhpsorg from Ag Dolls and Fun both nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award! Thanks, girls!


What to do: give two pieces of advice and also tell how your blog got started. Then nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

Here is my advice to all you doll bloggers out there:

1. Don’t worry about how often you post. Lots of blogs I read will not post for a few weeks, then post apologizing for their lack of posts. You shouldn’t feel pressured to post a lot. Everybody is busy and I know a lot of you girls only have time to post once a week or so. That is perfectly fine! You can post when you want to!

2. Use tags to help people find your posts. Whenever I do a post, I tag it things like “American Girl”, “Doll blog”, “Doll Crafts”, “AG”, “DIY”, etc. If you use lots of tags that people often search for, it will help your blog become more well-known.

I wanted a blog for about a year before I got it set up. I really loved Doll Diaries, Fun With AG Fan, and Never Grow Up. I read them constantly. Then I asked my Dad if I could have a blog, and he agreed! When I first started posting I did just crafts, but now I do photoshoots, reviews, and other things! A blog is a lot of work, but it is very fun and pays off in the end.

I nominate:

Thanks again to the girls who nominated me!


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