Review: Shopkins

Hello! Today I will be reviewing a popular toy called Shopkins. Shopkins are tiny collectible figurines of food and household objects. They are made by a company called Moose Toys.

Shopkins 002 (800x600)

I purchased a 12 pack of Shopkins from Walmart. I don’t have any pictures of the packaging, but they were very easy to open.

Shopkins 003 (800x600) Shopkins 007 (800x600)

The first thing the Shopkins come with is a collectors guide. As you can see, there are common, rare, ultra rare, and special edition Shopkins. There are different categories like….

Shopkins 011 (800x600)


Shopkins 012 (800x600)


Shopkins 013 (800x600)

….and Shoes. These are just some of the categories.

The 12 pack of Shopkins also come with 4 little bags. They are made of a soft plastic, and the Shopkins can fit inside.

Shopkins 019 (800x600)

Here is a close – up of one. They work for a lot of different sized dolls, like Mini Lalaloopsy, Blythe, Mini AG, and Only Hearts Club.

Shopkins 021 (800x600)

Shopkins 023 (800x600)

Shopkins 024 (800x600)

Β Shopkins 026 (800x600)

The next thing is comes with is a little shopping basket:

Shopkins 027 (800x600)

The handles move up and down.

Shopkins 028 (800x600) Shopkins 029 (800x600)

I found it works best for the Only Hearts Club dolls.

Shopkins 030 (800x600)

(Sorry my hand is in this picture, she can’t stand.) πŸ˜‰

Now for pictures of each of the 12 Shopkins I got.

Shopkins 032 (800x600)


Β Β Β Shopkins 041 (600x800)

Ga Ga Gourmet

Shopkins 042 (800x600)

Toffy Coffee

Shopkins 047 (800x600)

Poppy Corn

Shopkins 048 (800x600)

Sneaky Sue

Β Shopkins 051 (800x600)

Mary Meringue

Shopkins 053 (800x600)

Dippy Avocado

Shopkins 054 (800x600)

Pamela Pancake

Shopkins 055 (800x600)

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Leafy

Shopkins 057 (800x600)


Shopkins 058 (800x600)

Coffee Drip

Shopkins 059 (800x600)

Silly Chili

Some of the Shopkins have holes in the bottom, while some do not. The ones with holes work as pencil toppers!

Shopkins 043 (800x600) Shopkins 046 (800x600)

I thought I would show you which categories my Shopkins are in.

Shopkins 062 (800x600)

Silly Chili and Dippy Avocado are in the Fruits and Veggies.

Shopkins 064 (800x600)

Sizzles and Coffee Drip are in the Homewares.

Shopkins 066 (800x600)

Mary Meringue is all alone in the Bakery. πŸ˜‰

Shopkins 067 (800x600)

Poppy Corn and Pamela Pancake are in the Sweet Treats.

Shopkins 068 (800x600)

Toffy Coffee is in Pantry.

Shopkins 069 (800x600)

Leafy is in Cleaning and Laundry.

Shopkins 071 (800x600)

Prommy and Sneaky Sue are in Shoes.

Shopkins 072 (800x600)

Ga Ga Gourmet is in Baby.

Overall, I think Shopkins are a fun collectible toy! I give this 12-pack set an A+!

I hope you enjoyed. πŸ™‚


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