Make A Doll Bedroom

Hello! Today I will be showing you how to make a bedroom for your dolls!

You will need:

A place for the bedroom, like a large box or a shelf

A doll bed or bunk bed and bedding

A blanket or sheet of felt

Some wall decorations

A place for your doll to sit (I used a MyFroggyStuff tutorial for a no-sew beanbag chair, see it here:

A small box

Duck Tape

Scraps of cardboard

A tea light

Pipe cleaners

An empty Duck Tape roll

Let’s get started!

dollroom 004 (800x600)

First, you will need a place for your bedroom. I am using one part of a shelf. This is tall enough for the dolls to stand in and wide enough for a bed.

dollroom 005 (800x600)

The floor already looks like wood, so I am going to leave it as is. You could cover it in contact paper or scrapbook paper if you wanted.

dollroom 008 (800x600)

You could also cover the floor with a blanket. I am going use a rug, which is just a sheet of felt.

dollroom 006 (800x600)

Now let’s add some furniture!

dollroom 010 (800x600)

I am using my Badger Basket doll bunk bed. It fits just right!

dollroom 011 (800x600)dollroom 012 (800x600)

You can use any bedding you want. I am using the bedding the bed came with and a handmade pillow.

dollroom 014 (800x600)

In the corner at the end of the bed, I have my rug and a beanbag chair from a MyFroggyStuff tutorial (see the link above.)

dollroom 015 (800x600)

I put my bunk bed ladder against the side of the bed.

dollroom 016 (800x600)

Now we are going to make a little shelf for the bedroom. I am using the lid from a box I had.

dollroom 017 (800x600)

First, take a strip of cardboard.

dollroom 018 (800x600)

Bend down the ends and tape it in to the box.

dollroom 021 (800x600)

I added more tape on the inside of the box.

dollroom 023 (800x600)

Below the shelf, I put a some of the doll’s toys – a doll bed, dresser, and chair, a Mini Lalaloopsy Dorothy doll, and a Toothless the Dragon figurine. 🙂

Let’s make some art for the walls!

dollroom 025 (800x600)

First, take a small piece of cardboard and cover it in Duck Tape.

dollroom 026 (800x600)

I attached a picture of the Eiffel Tower, but you can use anything you want!

dollroom 027 (800x600)

I used a small piece of tape to hang it on the wall above the beanbag chair.

dollroom 028 (800x600)

A square of scrapbook paper and a cute sticker makes a great decoration, too!

dollroom 029 (800x600)

I hung that on the wall on the bottom bunk of the bed.

dollroom 032 (800x600)

For a light, I used an almost-empty roll of Duck Tape.

dollroom 033 (800x600)

Cut some pieces of pipe cleaner.

dollroom 034 (800x600)

Tape them to the inside of the Duck Tape roll and curl up the ends.

dollroom 036 (800x600)

Tape a tea light to a circle of paper.

dollroom 037 (800x600)

Glue it to the top of the tape roll and hang it up in your doll room!

dollroom 024 (800x600)

Add your doll’s favorite doll, and you are done!

Here is the whole thing.

dollroom 039 (800x600)

dollroom 041 (800x600)

Here is on half of the bedroom.

dollroom 043 (800x600)

And here is the other half.

I hope you enjoyed! Ivy says goodbye!

dollroom 045 (800x600)


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