Meet Hope

Hello! A few days ago I was at Goodwill, and I found an Our Generation doll for $1.29! She was really dirty and had makeup all over her face. I did some research and found that her original name was Sandie.

poppyandtoothless 001 (800x600)

Here she is just after I got her. I intended to clean her up as best I could.

More pictures right after I got her:

poppyandtoothless 002 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 003 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 004 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 005 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 006 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 007 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 015 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 008 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 009 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 010 (800x600)

She had nail polish painted over her lips and sparkly eyeshadow all over her face and eyes. Goodwill always writes the prices of their items on the item, so her price was written on the back of her neck.

My first step was to scrub her limbs and face with a Magic Eraser. It really helped and got most everything off. The price on the back of her neck came off completely! The nail polish on her lips was still there, so I used non-acetone nail polish remover on a Q-tip to get it off.

Here are some pictures after I cleaned her up:

poppyandtoothless 028 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 022 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 023 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 024 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 025 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 026 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 027 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 028 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 029 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 030 (800x600)poppyandtoothless 031 (800x600)

A lot better, isn’t it? Her face was cleaned up, but now she had no color on her cheeks or lips. So, I used a lipliner pencil to very carefully repaint her face. It isn’t perfect, but it is definitely a huge improvement!

Here she is after being repainted:

Hope 001 (800x600)Hope 002 (800x600)Hope 003 (800x600)Hope 004 (800x600)Hope 005 (800x600)Hope 006 (800x600)Hope 007 (800x600)Hope 008 (800x600)Hope 009 (800x600)Hope 010 (800x600)Hope 011 (800x600)Hope 012 (800x600)Hope 016 (800x600)

Before and after pictures:


She is so cute! Her name is Hope Alaine. I am planning to purchase a wig for her. What color do you think would look best? I may also give her freckles. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed!


27 thoughts on “Meet Hope

  1. Really? I found a Sandie at a thrift store! Her hair was worse though. I kept the name Sandie. I wonder if she was unwanted because, this and Ebay were the only place I found her name! I fixed her up and now she is new. That is cool!

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