American Girl Store Photography

Hi! Happy Mother’s Day! I went to the AG store yesterday, as planned. I had read that there was free doll ear piercing at the Atlanta store. Then, on the way there, I called the store and they said we couldn’t do it for free unless we had been sent an email with a coupon. Apparently, AG has started a new thing where they send deals and coupons to select people who are signed up for the AG emails. We had not received an email, so we were just going to go and take pictures. Then. when we got there, the employee said we didn’t need to have gotten an email! So, I got Ava’s ears pierced and my sisters got Jess’s ears pierced. Both were free! And now, without further ado, the AG store pictures!

AG Store 001 (800x600)

Ava and Rebecca made quick friends. Her swimsuit is so cute!

AG Store 002 (800x600)

Ava and a #49. I noticed that Ava’s jeans, which are from a retired AG school outfit, are almost identical to the #49’s!

AG Store 004 (800x600)

Some of the in-store exclusive outfits.

AG Store 005 (800x600)

Felicity, Jess, mini dolls Rebecca and Addy, Surjan, the store’s Grace, and Ava (who is hidden behind Lissie.)

I noticed that the bakery was out of stock. I found that interesting. I didn’t think many people would get it at the $500 price tag!

AG Store 006 (800x600)

Ava and another #55 in the swimsuit. The ruffle is really interesting.

AG Store 008 (800x600)

Julie and her bed, with Nutmeg and one of her sets.

AG Store 009 (800x600)

A Bitty Baby in a swimsuit.

AG Store 010 (800x600)

Caroline in her bed with Inkpot.

AG Store 020 (800x600)

This sign was on the case with her collection in it. Some of her outfits were sold out.

AG Store 011 (800x600)

The Bitty Babies. I’m not sure what I think of the newer face mold.

AG Store 012 (800x600)

Here are the Bitty Twins! I don’t think they get much attention. Do you think they will retire some? Or maybe release some new ones?

AG Store 013 (800x600)

My favorite of the Bitty Twins. She is adorable!

AG Store 014 (800x600)

Kaya, her tepee, and her foal.

AG Store 015 (800x600)

I was surprised to see all the layers of rugs inside the tepee. They were really soft!

AG Store 016 (800x600)

Here is Julie in her car. It is really cute!

AG Store 017 (800x600)

I put Ava and mini Rebecca in there with Julie.

AG Store 018 (800x600)

Julie loved mini Beckie!

AG Store 019 (800x600)

Caroline’s table and treats.

AG Store 021 (800x600)

Some of Julie’s things.

AG Store 022 (800x600)

Addy in her sewing set. This is cute, I love the scissors!

AG Store 023 (800x600)

Kit’s reporter dress was on sale. I was surprised to see that AG’s latest online sale was in-store, too! They had lots of MYAG things on sale.

AG Store 024 (800x600)

Julie’s egg chair.

AG Store 025 (800x600)

A very blurry picture of the new MYAG dress.

AG Store 026 (800x600)

Part of the camping set.

AG Store 027 (800x600)

The grill is adorable!

AG Store 028 (800x600)

Another swimsuit and a cover-up.

AG Store 029 (800x600)

One of my favorite MYAGs.

AG Store 030 (800x600)

Grace has the sweetest face!

AG Store 031 (800x600)

Coconut the puppy is so cute!

AG Store 032 (800x600)AG Store 033 (800x600)

Some of the MYAGs.

AG Store 034 (800x600)

The ballet outfits. The red jazz outfit was out of stock, it must be really popular!

AG Store 035 (800x600)

A #55 wearing the gymnastics outfit.

AG Store 036 (800x600)

The salon chair is cute, but I think I would like it better if it was blue or maybe yellow.

AG Store 037 (800x600)

The bathtub! I love this! The robe is a nice color, but I think it could be a lot longer.

AG Store 038 (800x600)

The Tropical Bloom outfit for girls. I love the shirt!

AG Store 039 (800x600)

Me and my sisters have this set, it is really nice!

AG Store 040 (800x600)

These 2 set were nice. I really love those glasses!

AG Store 041 (800x600)

The in-store pajamas.

AG Store 042 (800x600)

The table and chairs are really pretty. I love the color!

So that does it for the AG Store pics. I did end up getting one thing, I will be posting a review soon!


20 thoughts on “American Girl Store Photography

  1. Wow, that is great that you got your dolls ear pierced! I am glad I shared about that on my blog. It was such a great deal! Love the photos! I love visiting the AG store!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can only get the coupons of you were sent an email with them in it. However, I did not get any coupons and they still did it for free! You would need to go into a store and ask.

      Liked by 1 person

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