Recent Projects

Hi! I’ve been doing a lot of crafting and doll restoration lately. I’ll be sharing some of my work today!

This is what Gracie looked like when I got her. She had messed up hair but was pretty clean otherwise.

Earringtree 105 (800x600)Earringtree 106 (800x600)

She is very cute!

Bakery+Profiles 001 (800x600)Bakery+Profiles 003 (800x600)

Here she is after her makeover! 😀 I fixed her hair, repainted her lips, and gave her freckles.

Now for Nancy! She was the Goodwill doll y’all guessed about. All of you guessed a My Life As A School Girl doll, but you were wrong! Nancy is an 18″ hard-bodied doll.

Hope's new hair! 012 (800x600)

This is a pic of her hair before. Sorry for the blurriness, I took this really quickly right before we left for a trip. I used the same methods I used on Hope’s and Gracie’s hair on Nancy.

Bakery+Profiles 010 (800x600)

Here is her finished hair! I decided I will mostly keep it in 2 braids.

Bakery+Profiles 006 (800x600)

Doesn’t she have a cute face?

Now that I have introduced you to my newest dolls, I present…….

Bakery+Profiles 020 (800x600)

Ivy’s Sweet Treats, the newest bakery in town!

Bakery+Profiles 027 (800x600)

And here in the shop’s proud owner, Miss Ivy Ling!

Yep, I made a bakery! I got the idea when I saw it was baking week on Camp Doll Diaries. The stand is made of a jewelry box, 2 cardboard tubes, and a piece of foam board.

Here are some of the bakery details:

Bakery+Profiles 028 (800x600)

I printed some menus from A mini clothes pin holds them up.

Bakery+Profiles 029 (800x600)

These business cards are also from Fun With AG Fan.

On the bakery shelves, I have:

Bakery+Profiles 030 (800x600)

A giant cupcake cake (which is really a candle),

Bakery+Profiles 032 (800x600)

A loaf of bread I made from Sculpey, a cake Shopkins,

Bakery+Profiles 033 (800x600)

A plate of cupcakes (erasers), a plate of Sculpey cookies, a pudding Shopkins,

Bakery+Profiles 034 (800x600)

2 plates of Sculpey doughnuts, along with one eraser doughnut,

Bakery+Profiles 036 (800x600)

Another plate of Sculpey cookies, a plate with a slice of cheesecake and a biscuit,

Bakery+Profiles 037 (800x600)

4 Sculpey macaroons,

Bakery+Profiles 038 (800x600)

and a shelf with ice cream and Popsicles.

Those are my bakery treats! What do y’all think of it?

Bakery+Profiles 040 (800x600)

Ivy says goodbye, and she hopes you drop in again soon!


8 thoughts on “Recent Projects

  1. You’ve been a busy gal, love what you’ve been doing! You definitely have the knack for doll restoration, I can’t get over how much better these two (and Hope) look now.

    Liked by 1 person

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