Doll Sized Finds

Hi! Today, I will be sharing some doll sized finds I have found in the past few months.

Here is everything:

Dollfindsjune 001 (800x600)

The first thing I found is these tiny clothespins! They were on clearance for $1.00, I think. They are meant to be party favors.

Dollfindsjune 002 (800x600)

They are the perfect size for a doll.

Dollfindsjune 003 (800x600)

They really work, too!

Dollfindsjune 006 (800x600)

The next thing I found was this little Blueberry Muffin doll!

Dollfindsjune 011 (800x600)Dollfindsjune 013 (800x600)

She is only a few inches tall and the perfect size for AGs. She was a thrift store find for 10 cents.

My next find was these vintage Cabbage Patch Kids stamps!

Dollfindsjune 016 (800x600)

My mom said she had some just like them when she was little! πŸ™‚

Dollfindsjune 023 (800x600)Dollfindsjune 025 (800x600)

They are so cute! I found them at Goodwill for a few cents.

These sunglasses came with a Furreal kitten my sister got, and she gave them to me.

Dollfindsjune 030 (800x600)Dollfindsjune 031 (800x600)

They fit Nancy perfectly! πŸ™‚

This lamp was a thrift store find for $1.

Dollfindsjune 032 (800x600)

Dollfindsjune 034 (800x600)

It is solar-powered, and really works!

Next, I have this trashcan!

Dollfindsjune 035 (800x600)Dollfindsjune 036 (800x600)

I found it at CVS. I think it was meant to be a little trashcan for a desk. It has a removable flip-top.

Dollfindsjune 038 (800x600)

The perfect size!

Last, but most definitely not least, is this!

Dollfindsjune 039 (800x600)

A chair!! It is actually a photo holder.

So, those are my finds! Have a great weekend!


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