Happy Independence Day!

Hi! Happy Independence Day!! 🙂 I dressed my dolls in red, white, and blue! Sorry for poor quality photos, I had to take these inside because it was raining.

  July 4th 014 (800x600)
July 4th 016 (800x600)

 Here is Ivy’s outfit. I made the T-shirt and shorts. The shoes are OG.

July 4th 018 (800x600) July 4th 021 (800x600)

Here is Hope’s outfit. A shirt I made, and AG skirt and shoes.

July 4th 023 (800x600) July 4th 025 (800x600)

Surjan’s outfit is one of Ivy’s shirts I made with a strip of fabric tied around the middle and a skirt I made for her.

Sally, Emily, and Gracie do not have any clothes red, white, or blue. So I just did the best I could. ;D
July 4th 030 (800x600)


July 4th 033 (800x600)


July 4th 034 (800x600)


July 4th 035 (800x600)

July 4th 036 (800x600)

 Nancy’s outfit is so cute on her! 🙂 It is the retired AG “Go, USA!” soccer outfit.

July 4th 040 (800x600)

ML is wearing a shirt I re-sized from a baby outfit to fit her. Her jeans are AG and I made the handkerchief.

July 4th 044 (800x600)

And last we have Ava’s outfit, an AG shirt and a skirt I made.

I hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful 4th and a relaxing Sunday! 😉


9 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

    1. Thanks! I am not sure what kind of dolls they are. Sally was a gift when I was a lot younger and Gracie is a customized thrift store find. 🙂


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