Hello! Today I will be showing you my ATCs (Artist Trading Cards).

ATCs 019 (800x600)

Here are all of my ATCs!

ATCs 005 (800x600)

This one I made with scrapbook paper, ric-rac, and a sparkly pen. It has “beachy” things all over it.

ATCs 006 (800x600)

I made this one with flamingo-printed Duck Tape. The pineapple is also made from Duck Tape. I wrote “Summer” in different colors on it.

ATCs 007 (800x600)

This one is made from card stock. The cupcake is made from scrapbook paper.

ATCs 008 (800x600)

My little sister made this one and traded it to me. 😉 It is a scene with an apple tree and a bin of apples.

ATCs 010 (800x600)

My brother made this one. It has a treasure chest, a shell, and other ocean-themed things.

ATCs 011 (800x600)

I made this one by brushing school glue over craft foam and drawing in the glue. After it dried, I traced my designs.

ATCs 012 (800x600)

This one is made with scrapbook paper and Duck Tape. It is one of my favorites!

ATCs 014 (800x600)

This is a kitchen scene made with scrapbook paper and card stock.

 ATCs 016 (800x600)

My brother made this one, it is Spiderman on a screen with 2 buttons. 😉

ATCs 017 (800x600)

I saved my favorite one for last! I made this one with card stock, a paint pen, and a foam whale sticker.

So, those are my ATCs! Which one did you like best? Do you enjoy making ATCs?


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