DIY: Doll Skirt From a Baby Skirt

Hullo! It’s a great morning to stab yourself with a pin, like I did 100 times while taking these pictures. Anyway, today I’ll be showing you all how to make a doll skirt from a baby skirt!

You will need:

A clean, stain-free baby skirt

A needle and thread OR a sewing machine

A pin

Your doll



GinnyandSkirt 043 (800x600)

I am using this baby skirt, which I got from a thrift store.

GinnyandSkirt 044 (800x600)

Lots of baby skirts have pants inside of them, to help keep them on a baby. 😉 You will need to cut these out.

GinnyandSkirt 045 (800x600)

Just use your scissors to cut right along the waistband and remove the pants.

GinnyandSkirt 046 (800x600)

Now, take off any pants/skirt your doll is wearing.

GinnyandSkirt 055 (800x600)

Turn your skirt inside out and put it on her, making sure the side seam of the skirt lines up with her side.

GinnyandSkirt 056 (800x600)

Mark with a pin how small the skirt needs to be.

GinnyandSkirt 057 (800x600)GinnyandSkirt 058 (800x600)

Remove the skirt from your doll and sew a straight line down from the pin.

GinnyandSkirt 059 (800x600)GinnyandSkirt 060 (800x600)

Now VERY carefully cut the excess skirt off.

GinnyandSkirt 061 (800x600)

Now turn the skirt right side out…..

GinnyandSkirt 062 (800x600)GinnyandSkirt 064 (800x600)

…..and admire it on your doll!

I hope you have fun making this quick and easy doll skirt!


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