Recreating the AG Entertainment Set

Hi! Thanks to the people who voted on my poll. I was excited with the results! The winning post was…… my version of AG’s new Entertainment Set! So, here we go!


The American Girl Entertainment Set retails for $85. You can see more about it here:

I loved this set from the first time I saw it, but I wasn’t going to pay 85 dollars for it. So, I decided to make my own version!

The first thing I needed was a table, preferably a wooden one. So, I used this jewelry box I got from a thrift store for around a dollar:

I removed the drawers and ripped off carefully removed the mirror.

Here it is with no mirror.

As you can see here, the sides had flowery swirly decorations painted on them. So, I decided to try to cover them.

This was the trial and error stage. At first, I just covered the sides in cardstock, but I didn’t like the way it looked. So, I tried something new. I turned the whole jewelry box upside down and used some stiff white cardboard to support the bottom. You’re probably terribly confused by now, so let me just show you a picture:

Here you can hopefully see how I turned it upside down, so the feet are at the top. ( It’s right side up in the first pic, and upside down is the second pic.)

I added a large piece of my white cardboard as the tabletop. At the bottom, another strip of cardboard supports the front. Hopefully, that made some sense.

But anyways…….*drumroll please*….. Here is the finished result!

Here are some details:

I have a little movie tray, which is actually a lid to a mini container. All the movies are things I cut out from AG catalogs and glued onto thick cardboard.

Since this was my version of the set, I made things I would like the AG one to include. So, I made a checkerboard!

I made a little bin out of paper and Duck Tape. I filled it with small toys. 🙂

These movie glasses were fun to make, I cut them out of cardstock. You can see that Ava really likes them!

This remote was made from some thick poster board. I decorated it with Sharpies.

The TV was made from black cardboard. Right now, I just have a plain blue screen. Any ideas of what to put on it?

This DVD player is one of my favorite things I made! I used foam board and thin cardboard for the base, and black Duck Tape to cover it. As you can see, it really opens! I made a few mini CDs that I can put inside of it. 😀

The final product:

Altogether, this cost me about $5 to make! I am pretty happy with my results. 🙂

Have a great week!


26 thoughts on “Recreating the AG Entertainment Set

  1. This is so much more creative I could have ever imagined!! This is my favorite set from AG at the moment and I’ve been wanted to make my own version–now I have the inspiration!! You’re so creative!! You should make more post like this, I mean making your own version of AG items :). I was wondering how I would make the DVD player actually come open… Now I know, thanks!! And I think homemade beats any old plastic ;).

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  2. Terrific!! For my TV I did screen shots from favorite shows and printed them out. My TV is a picture frame with a slit on the top which makes it easy to change, but if you used a temporary adhesive, you could easily change the ones on yours.

    Liked by 1 person

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