Photoshoot + Awesome Blogs

Hi!  Today I have some pics of Ava I actually did about 2 months ago and never got around to posting. 😉  I really love the way these pictures turned out. Her outfit was made by me, and her boots are from the My Life brand at Walmart. I LOVE them!

I especially love this one. 🙂

Isn’t Ava such a pretty doll?I also just randomly wanted to share 3 of my favorite blogs, and why they are special. 🙂

I also wanted to share 3 of my favorite blogs, and why they are special. 🙂

Happy House Of AG

Loren’s posts are always very unique and funny, and often make my day! When me or my sister sees that she has posted, we’re like “OOH YAY LOREN POSTED!!!” and we rush to read it. 😀 I also love how Loren actually responds to comments and reads other people’s blogs! She also has a blog about writing and random awesomeness. You can see her blog here:

Flourishing By Restful Falls

First of all, how can you not love the name? Hayley’s awesome blog is filled with all kinds of great posts, from American Girl to homeschooling! She takes great pictures. 🙂 She also makes super cool ATCs, and she and her sisters have an amazing business called SwapShop that you must check out! You can see Hayley’s blog here:


Emma’s blog is all fun! She has a TON of American Girl dolls (14!) that she photographs and does super cool photostories with! She also has some Ever After High dolls and adorable Tsum Tsums, too! Emma even has another blog, Drawn To Writing. If you want to see amazing art or learn how to hermit, then be sure to check it out! ;D See Emma’s blog here:

PLEASE don’t be upset if your blog wasn’t on here! I read SO many blogs and love each and every one of them!

“See” you all soon!


20 thoughts on “Photoshoot + Awesome Blogs

  1. First off, the pictures are amazing! You chose the perfect time of day. And secondly, thank you so much for your kind words. I love to hear that people read and enjoy my blog. I’m also very glad to hear you like my name, I’ve always been afraid it was too long :). Thanks again! Oh, and also, I love, love, love both of Loren’s blogs…. She is so amazing at writing, and keeping up wither posts!

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  2. Awesome pictures! The lighting is fabulous 🙂 I love the sixth picture, but they’re all amazing. And thank you for all the sweet things you said about my blogs! It means so much to me ♥

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