The Smallones: Part 2

Hi! I finished Part 2 of The Smallones! Enjoy!

The Smallones: Part 2


I dashed back to the field where I had left Chloe, a million thoughts racing through my head. The tiny girl had said some about Smallones– though what or who that was I didn’t know.

I reached the field and stopped to catch my breath. Suddenly I heard wild barking. “Chloe!!” I called, running towards the sound.

I finally saw her. Chloe was running through a thick patch of clover. She seemed to be chasing something…. I remembered with dread what the girl had said about there being a whole town.

“Here Chloe, here girl!” I called, getting on my knees. That’s when I noticed that Chloe was chasing something. There must have been at least 50 tiny something-or-others all running and screaming through the clover.

Some of them looked like the girl I had found, while some were outrageously odd creatures. One really stood out. It was another tiny person, not unlike the other girl. She was on a tiny pink horse! Amazed, I leaned down further.

Suddenly she raised her hand. A thick green vine appeared out of nowhere, shooting towards Chloe at an amazing speed. It hit her and knocked her down, wrapping tightly around her. She fell over, yelping and whining. “Chloe!!!!” I cried and dove towards her. Suddenly I heard a tiny gasp behind me.

I whirled around and was shocked to see the girl I had found, standing there. “How-who-WHAT??” I stammered. She didn’t even glance at me.

She was looking at the other tiny person. “Mother, don’t,” she whispered.

A vine suddenly slammed into me, knocking me off my feet. It wrapped tightly around me, pinning my arms to my sides. I kicked and thrashed, but it was no use. I lay there panting.

The girl dashed around me and ran up to the lady. “How could you? She helped me, mother! You were wrong about humans!” The woman looked down at her with concern. “Lora, dear, that human also injured you. “

Lora, I thought. That must be her name. Why is she defending me? I thought she hated me!

They were still arguing. “It was an accident!” Lora protested. “ENOUGH!” her mother shouted. “You do NOT question the queen!” “Yes, mother.” Lora walked slowly away.

“The queen?” I asked aloud, totally confused. The woman looked exasperated. “Yes, bothersome creature. The Queen of the Smallones. But do not worry. Very soon, your presence will bother us all no longer.”

With that, she lifted her pink skirts and carefully climbed up onto my stomach. Slowly, she made her way to my face and leaned down. She was holding something. “I hoped never to have to use this,” she sighed. “But you must be disposed of.”

“D-D-DISPOSED OF?!?!” I was terrified. Maybe this was all a dream. The queen moved closer. She leaned over me and held a glowing stone against my face.

I smelled something sweet and heard Chloe whining. Then everything went dark.



Are you all liking it so far? I have had fun making this photostory! Come back soon to see what happens. 😀


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        1. I’m actually not sure! I DO know that we will get some cool Keeper stuff with the book! You can see it on Shannon Messenger’s blog. 😀


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