How I Create a Blog Post

Hi! Today I wanted to show you some of the steps I go through when I do a blog post.

  1. Take pictures! I often go outside in the evening, when the lighting is awesome and I can take pictures like the one on my header. 🙂
  2. Upload and re-size the pictures.  I usually re-size the images before I post them, because they upload so much faster!
  3. Write the post. I often write the post while my pictures are uploading. This is a lot of work if it is a photostory!  ;D I also write a title and add tags at this point.
  4. Proofread and publish! I make sure there are no typing errors or weird sounding sentences, and then I publish the post!
  5. Wait obsessively until I get a comment. XD I probably need to stop doing this, but I love comments so much and I squeal “A COMMENT!!!” as soon as I get one. Then I read it and respond as fast as I can. XD So if you comment on any of my posts, even if you just say “cool!” it makes me super happy. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this. 🙂 First one to comment gets a shout-out in my next post! XD


37 thoughts on “How I Create a Blog Post

  1. LOL! I’m the same way about comments! I get so excited and will literally check every 5 minutes if I’m dying for someone to see a particular post and when I get one I’m like- YAAAY I GOT A COMMENT!!! XD But then immediately after I’ll start refreshing to see if I got anymore LOL!

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  2. It is fun to get comments, I love seeing what people think, especially if it’s something I’ve made. Blogging can be a lot of work, but so much fun too. Another commenter asked about bad comments. I’ve never had someone say “oh, this is terrible” or anything like that, but I had someone try to post something really disgusting, that was a bit of a surprise! Thank heavens I have mine set so that the first comment goes into auto moderation so no one else saw it, very gross.

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