A Little Dragon…

Hi! Happy Halloween! I got 3rd place in a costume contest dressed up as the Cat In The Hat. XD

Today I am posting about something a little different – a dragon! Well, not a real live fire-breathing dragon. This dragon is a little figurine currently known as Toothless.

Toothless is a little hand sized dragon I got at Walmart. He will be showing up in The Smallones, but first he needs a new name. I would LOVE any suggestions. 🙂

I did a photoshoot with this little guy. Enjoy!

On the old blue truck, affectionately known as Sanford. 😉

Toothless loves rocks. In fact, they’re his favorite food.

 I love his little tongue. 😀

See that little blur up there? That’s Toothless. Despite his size, he is an impressive flier.

If you are wondering how Toothless fits into The Smallones, be sure to read Part 3 when I post it! 😀 Don’t forget to comment with some names for this little guy. 🙂

Have a great evening!


29 thoughts on “A Little Dragon…

  1. He is SOOO cute! I love the HTTYD movies 🙂 If he really likes eating rocks, maybe his name should be something like Rocky? Or maybe Obsidian, ’cause that’s a type of rock, and it’s the same color as he is, and it sounds cool as a name.


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