The Smallones: Part 3

Hi! Today I bring you the much-anticipated……….. Part 3 of The Smallones! 😀 All of these pictures are edited to looks darker. Enjoy!

The Smallones: Part 3


I tossed and turned in my bed, pulling my thick blanket tighter around me. I was in my makeshift bedroom in the clover, hastily set up by flustered maids. I didn’t mind sleeping outdoors, and Mother’s too-big nightgown was comfy, but tonight I just couldn’t sleep. So, I was sitting here worrying and planning instead.

My mind was full of mixed thoughts, all jumbled together. It wasn’t fair that the human was locked up! Mother was wrong to use the stone! It was supposed to be only for the gravest emergency. How could she be such a fool? Now we were all in terrible danger. I knew this more than anyone. I’d been fascinated by the stone when I was younger, and had spent hours researching to learn more about it. I had a plan, but it involved breaking the law, risking mine and the human’s lives, and taking a big risk, to name a few things wrong with it. Unfortunately, my plan was the best option. I didn’t have a choice.

I pushed aside my blankets, and carefully tested my leg against the ground. It only hurt a tiny bit. Good. My magic was holding.

I sat there for a moment, thinking this over one last time. The girl had accidentally injured me while I was only trying to get a better look at her. If her ridiculous animal hadn’t startled me, I would have been fine. I’d done it before, sneaking away to hide in the tall grass and watch humans while Mother and the rest of the town had a relaxing day in the clover forest. Now, the girl was our only hope. I was taking a wild bet. If this didn’t work, every Smallone would die.

I took a deep breath and slipped out of bed. The clover forest was dark and quiet. I could hear Mother tossing in her bed nearby. She wasn’t used to sleeping outdoors much…none of us were. We usually lived under the roots of the great oak tree, which was hundreds of years old. Visiting the clover was a rare treat that we didn’t do much.

I walked quietly through the clover, carefully stepping over twigs so to not wake anyone. I heard the dragons stirring restlessly where we had left them for the night.

 I paused. In case my plan failed, I needed to say goodbye to my favorite one – Obsidian. He was a small, black dragon with a mischievous nature. I’d found him as a baby where I’d found many injured animals – near the roots of the great oak tree. I unlatched the gate and patted his shiny head. He licked me. I smiled and whispered, “Have a good sleep, boy.”

Then I padded off, the clover bending softly in the breeze. Time to find the girl… and save the town.


What did y’all think? Hope you liked it!


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