The Smallones: Part 4

Hello! Yup, surprise! The Part 4 of The Smallones is here! I decided not to make you all wait so long this time. ;D All of these pics are edited on PicMonkey.

The Smallones: Part 4


(In Ava’s POV)

“Chloe! No!” I ran through the field, trying to reach Chloe. The vines were wrapping more and more tightly around her, like dark fingers.

With every step, she seemed to get farther away. I couldn’t reach her-

I tripped. My mouth tasted like blood. Chloe yelped…..

Psst! Umm.. girl! Get up!” I raised my head. I was still in the field. I lifted myself up, wiping my face.

“L-Lora?” Lora was above me, floating in the air! “Girl!” she said. “My name is Ava, not Girl.” I mumbled, confused.

I tried to touch her, but my hand went right through her. She felt like mist.

Lora saw my cut and said, “Ava, you’re hurt! I’m so sorry I got you into this mess. None of it is your fault.” Her voice sounded small, weak, and far, far away.

I rubbed my eyes. “I’m okay.” I said wearily, wondering what was happening. “Chloe….” my voice trailed off, and I tried not to cry. Lora didn’t seem to have heard me. She was reaching towards me, trying to touch me, but she was getting farther away.

“Lora, I don’t know what’s happening, but Chloe might still be alive.” I shouted, trying to get her to hear me. She looked at me and began to speak, but I only caught snatches of her words.

“Help… stone…. save them….” I reached out to her, but there was suddenly a blinding flash of light. I covered my eyes.

When the light faded, Lora was gone. The field was quiet and eerie, filled with thick mist. I sank down into the grass, sobbing. I was confused, afraid and alone.


DUN DUN!!! Ha! Cliffhanger! XD I am having SO much fun with this story. 😉

Soon, you should be seeing my doll’s (really late) Halloween costumes! 😀

Have a great week!


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