The Smallones: Part 5

Hello! I’m done with Part 5 of the Smallones! And yes, there will be another cliffhanger. I can help myself. XD

The Smallones: Part 5

In Lora’s POV


I was exhausted.

As the sun rose, I leaned against Ava’s leg. It had been a very long night. As I had left the clover, I’d sneaked into Mother’s room and gotten a change of clothes.

That’s when I’d seen the book in Mother’s room – in the same chest where the stone had been. All wrapped up with silver rope.. it looked too mysterious to leave behind.

I’d finally found Ava, sleeping in the field. She wouldn’t wake up, no matter what I had done.

So, I’d used what Mother had taught me to tap into her dreams… but the magic was too strong. I’d barely given her three words of my message before the connection had broken.

Desperate, I had tried to untie the rope wrapped around the mysterious book. I thought maybe it had the key to waking Ava. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the rope untied, no matter how hard I pulled. Now here I was, back where I started. All I had accomplished was getting some very sore fingers.

As I sat there, deep in thought, I heard a noise behind me. I jumped up and whirled around. “Obsidian?”

The little dragon ran up to me, bouncing around and licking my hands. I laughed. “You must have followed me, boy!”

I sat back down, and Obsidian settled next to me. The sun had risen now, and it was beginning to get hot.

Suddenly, Obsidian snatched up the book in his mouth.

“No!” I cried. I jumped up and he dropped the book. I looked down at it and gasped. He had chewed through the ropes!

I grabbed up the book and slowly opened it. The pages were ancient and torn.

I read the first sentence aloud.

“If you’re reading this book, it’s probably too late.”


To be continued.. MWAH HA HA!! XD

In other news, guess what? It’s FINALLY cold where I live! This is me right now:



I hope you all have a great day, and don’t forget to come back for Part 6!


26 thoughts on “The Smallones: Part 5

    1. Thanks! Yup, where I live I hardly ever get snow, and it doesn’t get cold until November… so I’m really happy when it is cold! 😀


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