The Smallones: Part 6

Hello! I’m done with Part 6 – enjoy!

The Smallones: Part 6


Lora’s POV

I slowly read the next sentence on the page….

My hands shook as I read and the reality of it all sank in. Slowly, I closed the book and looked up.

This book was a very old document, made for use with the stone. It was only to be used if someone used the stone at the wrong time – like Mother had. It also had instructions for how to undo things the stone did.

According to the book, what Mother had done could kill us all. I only had a few days to undo this mess.

I flipped back through the book. Suddenly I stopped and gasped. It told me what I needed to wake up Ava!

“A dragon.” I read aloud. That didn’t make any sense! I looked down at Obsidian, who was rolling in the grass. There’s no way he’s the answer….

I climbed up onto Ava.”Here, boy!” I called to Obsidian. He flew up to me and started crawling around on Ava.

“So.. you’re supposed to know what to do….” I told Obsidian. He sniffed Ava’s face.

Suddenly, he stopped sniffing around and froze. Ava let out a breath, still snoring. Obsidian stared straight at her closed eyes. He began to tremble.

Still staring straight at Ava, he began to glow brighter and brighter with a strange blue light. I gasped and scrambled backwards.

Obsidian became so bright I couldn’t look at him. The air became warm.

There was a loud POP, and then silence.

I looked up. Obsidian was sitting there, looking perfectly normal. “You-how-what just happened?”

Before I could say anything else, Ava’s whole body suddenly began to tremble and shake uncontrollably. Her eyes fluttered open.



To be continued….

Who is your favorite character in The Smallones? Would you like the next part to show what happened to Chloe?

Have a great day!


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