The Smallones: Part 7

Hi! What going on? I’ve been working hard on this next part of The Smallones – hope you enjoy it! πŸ˜€

The Smallones: Part 7


Chloe’s POV

Chloe couldn’tΒ move. She couldn’t even lift her head. She lay in the clover, her eyes closed.

It had been days now since the vines had dragged her away, trapping her until she was too weak to get up. They were gone now, but it didn’t matter. Chloe had given up. She was tired, dirty, and starving.

Suddenly, her drooping ears pricked up the tiniest bit. Her eyes popped open.

There was a distant call, faint, but it was there. “Chloe!”Β 

Chloe would know that voice anywhere – Ava!

With a happy yelp, she sprang up onto her feet, pulling the last of herΒ energy from deep inside of her.

She ran as fast as her weak legs would carry her, flying through the clover.

Then she saw her..


Chloe ran towards Ava and slammed into her, knocking her down.

“Oh, Chloe! You’re alive!” Ava hugged her, while Chloe’s tail wagged and she licked Ava all over. Ava smelled like dirt and grass and lizards.

ChloeΒ was weak and hungry, but she was safe.

She had her girl again.


To be continued….

The other day my little sister spilled a bunch of pencil shavings… and I took a really cool picture of them!

Isn’t it cool? πŸ™‚ I also edited this same picture a few different ways on PicMonkey. πŸ˜‰

Which one was your favorite? I really love the last one. ❀

Hope you all had a great Friday!


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