The Smallones: Part 8

Hi! You may be wondering why I’ve only been posting parts of The Smallones lately, and nothing else. That’s because I’m going to finish the series on Thanksgiving day! 😀 I’m really excited. 🙂 Enjoy Part 8!!

The Smallones: Part 8

Ava’s POV

My whole body ached. I felt like I had been sleeping on rocks. My stomach growled. I was sitting on the ground, an arm around Chloe.

Chloe was so thin, she could hardly get up. Lora said she knew where we could get some food – after she explained everything.

She climbed into my hand and sat there, looking serious.

“Okay. Here’s what’s happening. It started with a stone… which of course you already know about.”

I shuddered.

“I found a book that explains a lot of things about the stone. According to this book, the stone was supposed to put you into a magical, eternal sleep. Obsidian somehow reversed that magic and woke you up.”

“Wait a minute… who’s Obsidian?” I asked, confused.

Lora pointed. I looked down. I was shocked to see a tiny…. something sitting there.

“Aw, he’s adorable! What is he?” I asked.

“A dragon! Isn’t it obvious?” Lora responded.

“Wow! So, he woke me up?”

“Yes. Now let’s get back to what I was telling you.” She looked exasperated.

“The book also said that the stone was only supposed to be used once – when the Smallones were in very deep danger. You and Chloe weren’t that dangerous. Mother acted out of fear. If the stone is used at the wrong time, it will backfire within a few days. Which basically means it’ll explode and obliterate everything near to it. And right now, the stone is sitting in Mother’s room in the clover forest. According to the book, we only have one day before it backfires.”

I slowly took this all in. “Lora, I’ve been gone for too long. My family has to be worried sick about me. I need to go home.”

Lora’s eyes were big and pleading. “Please, Ava, you have to help us. Mother won’t listen to me, but since she’s afraid of you, I’m hoping you can convince her that all of the Smallones are in danger.”

I let out a deep sigh. I couldn’t just leave. Not after Lora and the dragon had saved me. “Okay….but we had better hurry.”

Lora smiled.

“Let’s go.”


To be continued……

I did a really pretty hairstyle on Ava yesterday. I followed an awesome YouTube tutorial HERE.

Isn’t it so pretty?

I really like how it turned out. ❤

Would y’all like me to do a post about my art? I’ve been drawing a lot lately. 🙂

“See” you all soon!


28 thoughts on “The Smallones: Part 8

    AGH! It’s gonna end so soon?! 😩 I love this series so much!! I can’t wait for more, but in a way I can cause I don’t want it to end yet LOL! 😂
    This is such a good series!!!
    Oh! And I love that hairstyle you did on Ava! It looks so pretty!

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