Hi! I am participating in Loren’s Creative Worlds Writing Camp. Today, I wrote my first story! 😀


YAY!! I’m on Team Keepers! 😀

Here is the writing prompt I used:



I sat up in bed, my heart pounding wildly. Something was different… something important. Pushing away the covers, I slipped on my worn boots.

The back door creaked open as I crept onto the porch. I paused, then gave a small gasp. There was a soft glow coming from the trees.

A beautiful, enchanting light.

Mesmerized, I was drawn forward into the trees.

I came to a sudden stop. The light was now accompanied by a voice, slowly chanting. I peeked around the trunk of a tree.

There was an old woman, kneeling on the ground. In front of her, there was a crumbling book, the pages turning rapidly.

She was chanting in a sing-song voice, her face covered in a dark veil. Her back was bent. She had a rasping, ancient voice.

I stumbled backward, the leaves crunching under my boot. The woman stopping chanting and raised her head, removing her veil.

I turned to run, but came to a sudden stop as she spoke.

“The light is beautiful, isn’t it?”

I was silent.

“I know you’re here. I made you come.”

I paused. “Y-you did?”

“You’re the third one. I need you.”

I was terrified. “Are you a witch? I don’t know what you mean, but please don’t hurt me.”

The woman gave a raspy laugh. “A witch? That’s ridiculous! And my would I hurt you? I’m going to protect you.”

“You? Protect me? From what? Who are you?”

“I am the very first of my kind. I’ve been alive so long, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. I started something important, and now I intend to finish it.”

Before I could respond, the woman jumped up and grabbed my arm. “You have to come with me. He’ll kill you.”

I pulled away, sweat rolling down my face. “Let go! Who will kill me?”

“I can’t tell you. Though you can know that I’m the only one who can save your life.”

“W-where will we go?”

“Somewhere safe.”

She grabbed my arm again. I struggled, trying to pull away. She began pulling me towards the book, gripping my arm so tightly it hurt.

I tried to pull away, but the woman was too strong.

As her hand touched the pages of the book, they began to glow again. She yanked me towards the light.

The book slammed shut, and we were gone.


*sigh* It’s okay I guess….. what do ya’ll think of my story?

Check back soon for more stories!

While I’m typing this, my siblings are decorating our Christmas tree! YAY! :

34 thoughts on “CWWC #1

  1. Yeah! Woot woot! We’re teammates! Yes!XD This story was really cool!! I’m thinking of trying to incorporate the picture Loren posted along with this prompt, but I’m not sure how yet!;)

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