Hi! Today I finished my story for the third challenge of CWWC. I used all three prompts:






I changed this last prompt to to be “This was home.” It fits better in my story. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

The title of my story is….



The boy dashed down the road, gasping for breath. Dust swirled everywhere, blinding him. He stumbled, falling hard onto the warm asphalt.

Struggling to his feet, he choked back a sob and began to run again. The ground shook as a deep roar filled the air, along with a smoky smell.

The boy gave a small whimper and veered off the road, dropping to his hands and knees. He crawled through the thick grass, then froze as he heard another angry roar.

Panicking now, he jumped to his feet with the last of his strength and took off again. Something came into view in the distance… the remains of a house, with only one wall still standing. Ashes lay thick around it, with pieces of furniture lying here and there.

The boy gasped as pain shot through his head, making him dizzy. He stumbled and fell again, laying very still until the pain faded. He half dragged himself behind the wall, curling up against the remnants of a table.

He suddenly froze, reaching down and picking something up from the ashes. A picture frame, partly melted, with a picture still inside. He dusted it off and looked closer at the girl in the picture, then dropped the frame as his head began to throb again.

As the pain slowed, he opened his eyes. “This is it. This was home.”

His hands trembled as he stared as the faded picture of his sister. She was younger than him, only 6 years old when…. when….

He screamed in frustration, the tears flowing.


It was like his own mind was taunting him, saying, “You’ve actually been here before. I just made sure you forgot.”

He dropped the frame again as the ground began to shake. A dark shape was charging towards him, surrounded by thick smoke. Scrambling to his feet, he ran towards the woods, hoping to hide in the trees.

The woods were cool and dark, a welcome change from the sun. The boy drew in deep, gasping breaths as he stopped for a moment, his whole body trembling.

He pushed on, holding onto the trees to keep himself from falling. Just as he reached for the next tree, his head began to throb again.

Blinded, he tripped and tumbled down a small incline.

At the bottom, his vision began to return. Sitting up, he saw that he was in a small canyon, filled with boulders and dust. The sun beat down on his shoulders.

Suddenly, the creature that had been pursuing him burst into the canyon. As the smoke cleared, the boy saw what the creature was…. a dragon.

It had slits for eyes, and it’s body was covered in thick green scales. It breathed a small puff of smoke and crept closer with a hiss. The boy scrambled backwards, his back hitting the side of the canyon.

He was going to die.

Closing his eyes, the boy braced himself for the heat of the dragon’s flames. Suddenly, he heard a voice calling, far away.

Gavin? Come on, Mom’s waiting for us! Gavin? Gavin!

His eyes popped open. “M-Megan?”

The dragon’s face shimmered and disappeared, replaced by the face of his sister. She reached forward and grabbed his arm.

Wake up already!”

Gavin sat straight up in bed, soaked with sweat. He turned and saw Megan, standing there with an impatient look on her face.

Gavin jumped out of bed and wrapped his arms around his sister.

“I’m so glad you’re okay, Megan.”

She patted him awkwardly on the back. “Um… I’m fine. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just glad to see you, sis. I had the strangest dream……”


I had fun with this one! 😀

Tomorrow is my birthday! You’ll be seeing a post then with lots of happy emoticons. XD

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Ya’ll need to go check out Misty’s latest story HERE. It’s super amazing…. for a Narnian…XD

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