Hi, dear readers! 😉 I wrote my story for the fifth challenge of CWWC. I used all three prompts. Enjoy! 😀





Writing prompt:


The title of my story is……



I hurried through the water, tiny waves lapping at my legs. As the sun rose, I panicked, beginning to run. I wasn’t supposed to be outside right now. The city of Shyam wasn’t safe after dawn.

As I reached home, I began to climb the ladder on the side of my house, feeling the rays of light on my back. I hurried in the door. Aunt Ada greeted me, shuddering as she saw the light. “There you are, Leila! You made it back just in time for bed!”

I trudged up the stairs to my bedroom, changing into dry pajamas before slipping into bed. Then, I pulled out my book – the one I hadn’t read yet, but had been wanting to for days.

I opened to the first page. “Once, there was a land, where the people slept all night and were awake during the day.” I paused. “What?”

The book was strange, but I was captivated as I read about the town of strange people who were up during the dangerous hours of day. With every page, the strange ache in my heart grew stronger- as if the book was filling me up with that lonely, confused feeling.

I wanted my parents, though I knew they didn’t want me. I didn’t even know who they were. Aunt Ada had found me when I was a baby, floating in a rowboat in the lake. All alone.

I finished the book, my eyes drooping. I fell asleep, and had a dream….

A woman in black was striding towards me as I lay on the ground, shielding my face from the sun. The woman reached down and helped me up off the ground. “Child, come to your senses! The light isn’t bad. It is a blessing, a tool that helps us. We shouldn’t be afraid of it.”

I wondered how she could see in the light, and covered my eyes with my hand as I responded. “I-I’m so confused. I’m not afraid of the light, though I feel like I’m supposed to be. Everyone in Shyam fears it.”

The woman sighed. “Let me show you something.”

She whispered a word, and the dry land we had been in vanished, replaced by a snowy terrain. I shivered in my thin clothes, but the woman did not appear to be cold.

She pointed up a hill, where I saw the outlines of buildings in the distance. The woman faced the light bravely. “Do you see that? That is the city of Uriel. There, we rejoice in the light. It is a blessed thing. Your home is Uriel, Leila. Not the dark city of Shyam.”

As I looked at the city, I believed her. Uriel felt right. The light was beautiful, wondrous. I turned to ask the woman how to get there, but she was gone. My vision blurred….

I sat up in bed, smiling. Wrapping myself in my quilt, I walked to the window. The light was radiant.

I spotted something on the beach, gasping as I squinted to see closer.

The woman from my dream was standing on the sand, waving to me. I waved back, then pulled on some jeans and a shirt. I slipped quietly out of my room, then down the hall, past the sleeping Aunt Ada.

As soon as I got out of the house, I ran down the beach to the woman, then stopped. I didn’t know what to say.

She smiled at me, then spoke. “Leila, you need to know that your parents left you here in Shyam to keep you safe. There was a terrible war, and they couldn’t risk losing you. They were from Uriel, the city of light. Your parents missed you, Leila.” Her voice broke. “Very, very much.”

She pulled me into a hug, stroking my hair as she whispered, “I’m your mother.”

I hugged her hard, a tear rolling down my face. I believed her.

She took my hand and closed her eyes, whispering that word again. The light swirled around us, sweeping us away to Uriel.

I was going home.


I spent a whole day writing a different story with the prompts, then realized I didn’t like it, started over, and came up with this. 🙂

Now I have some blog news… 😛

First of all,  I made a Christmas printable!

Click this: Doll Christmas Cards

Second, I have a Christmas photostory coming this weekend. You will also get to see my…. interesting… doll tree. XD

I finished Mulan’s profile! See it on my Meet The Dolls page. 😀

ONLY ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! (That isn’t blog news, but it’s still important, so….) XD

Have a great Friday!

I have an exciting post coming right before Christmas…. I can’t wait!! 😀

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