CWWC Challenge 6!

Hi! I finished my story for Challenge 6 of CWWC just in time! I used all three prompts:





writing prompt> Bonus points if you are a kid in the orphanage.:


{Home Song}


I remembered the day when I came to the realization that, in a way, the fence around the orphanage was to keep the public safe from the kids  – not the other way around. The children in that place had done terrible things – at least, most of them had.

Eben and I hadn’t done a thing. Though naturally, if someone sees two kids come out of a portal in their backyard, then they’re going to call the police. That how we ended up in the orphanage.

We’d lived in that place for almost 9 years before the terrible virus had swept through, leaving only a few survivors. Now, the orphanage was just an empty building. 

We had escaped soon afterwards, starting the journey home.

The woods were dark that night, and I was glad to have Eben’s company as we trudged through the darkness. “Rowa, we’ve been walking for days. Are you sure this is the right way?” I assured him it was.

The portal wasn’t far from here. Once we found it, all we had to do was re-activate it before we could finally go home. We’d been gone for almost ten years. Sometimes I missed Dad so bad, I cried. Eben did too, though he didn’t know I saw him.

It began to rain, and we curled up under the protection of a large tree before falling asleep. I, of course, had a dream.

The room was filled with beds, end to end. Coughing teenagers were covering the floor. As I walked by, one of them grabbed my leg.I know you do magic, girl.  You have to save us. A girl in the corner chimed in a raspy voice.Yeah, Rowa. Cure us.I backed away from them, running out the door and into the yard. I couldn’t cure them. They would all die.

My twin woke me up. I opened my eyes to see Eben holding his dripping wet sock over my face. I sat up. “Ugh!” He laughed and pulled it back onto his foot. “Morning, Rowa.” I sighed and stood up. “We’re almost, there, Eben. Time to go.”

We had been walking for an hour when the trail came to an abrupt stop. Right in front of us was a tall building, it’s ominous doors rising tall. Eben reached out and pulled hard on the door, and it swung open with a creaking sound.

Inside was exactly how I remembered – 6 portals for six worlds, each one different. And dangerous. I took Eben’s hand as we walked towards the fourth one… home. We placed our hands on each side of the portal.

I closed my eyes, concentrating on what my mother had said. You have a strong voice, Rowa. Use it well. I began to sing. I heard Eben’s voice chime in, and the portal began to hum as our voices got louder. The humming came to a stop, and I opened my eyes and hugged Eben excitedly.

“We did it! We’re going home!” His eyes were shining as we jumped in, greeted on the other side by a man who hugged us with tears in his dark eyes. 



I wrote this really quickly, so sorry if it isn’t the best. 😦

Quick note: I added some of my mini dolls to my Meet The Dolls page!

Have a great week, my dear readers! 😛

ONLY 3 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! I’m still alive! *dies* Never mind.

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      1. Ummm….where in the story did you use the prompt with the picture of the planets and the person standing on the wheel thing….umm…that prompt! Cause I didn’t see where you used it! If this still isn’t clear then it was the….

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